How to drill through a ceramic tile without cracking it!

How to drill through ceramic tile without cracking it!

Howdy drillers, hope all is well!

Today I’m going to be writing a tutorial on how to drill through ceramic tiles without cracking them. This is a question I’ve got a lot of via my contact page, so I figured it’s deserving of a post!

Once you’ve got the method, it’s incredibly easy.

The Equipment You’ll Need

The Process

Step 1

The first step is to clean the tile of any grease or dirt that might be on it. Drilling a hole in a ceramic tile can be a slippery process at the best of times, and if you slip you can end up putting a horrible scratch down the tile and making it look really naff. Which we don’t want!

So just wash it with a damp cloth, and then dry it thoroughly with a cloth.

Step 2

Next up we have to get some masking tape and create a cross, and the center of the cross should be where we want our hole to be. The masking tape will help protect us from slippage when we start drilling the hole.


Step 3

Next up make sure your drill is on standard mode, and not on hammer mode. Hammer mode will 100% crack the tile and make a right mess. You must not use hammer mode!

So put the too big masonry bit into the drill, and rest the head on the center of the cross like so!


Now you want to start off slow, so either on a slow setting or if your drill has variable speed via the trigger than a light squeeze. Don’t push too hard, you want to let the drill do all the work. You want you go slowly until it takes off a small hole in the ceramic.

Step 4

Now you can ramp up the speed, keeping pressure steady so that you’re making progress through the tile. It’s not a race! You’ll get through it eventually.


And hey presto! Done! Now you just need to put in the smaller drill bit, turn on hammer if needed, and drill through whatever is behind the tile.

Well I hope that’s answered your questions. Thanks for reading!